They say that moving home is the most stressful thing you can do in your lifetime. And it’s not just co-ordinating removal vans or worrying if a badly packed mirror broke it would give you seven years of bad luck. Whenever a ‘For Sale’ sign goes up, than everyone in the vicinity should be worried.

Everybody needs good neighbours

A house insurance survey showed that who you live next door to can have a direct impact on the value of your home. Unsurprisingly, quiet old age pensioners and childless couples rated high.

Single neighbours are also advantageous (especially if you are also single and in need of a cup of sugar!)

Teenagers in family homes and flat-sharers are lower down on the desirability list but at rock bottom are squatters and students, who can knock thousands off your desired property price.

Whoever your next door neighbours are, house insurance will help put your mind at rest.

House warming parties

Okay, so you’ve found the ideal neighbours, the ideal house and a great deal on house insurance, but wait! Partying at home can cost you more than a couple of Alka-Seltzer.

Party poopers

Although it’s always fun to have a house warming party, and it’s often cheaper to have friends round than go out, you could end up with a big bill.

A house insurance survey has revealed that one in 20 people need to replace their TV or stereo after a successful party, one in 14 people have to replace furnishing and curtains, one in seven need the professionals to clean their floor and one in five break glasses and crockery.

It’s always worth checking what your house insurance covers exactly – especially your contents insurance at those key celebratory moments – like Christmas, New Year, and moving house!

First time buyers

If you are a first time buyer, than once you’ve managed to get your mortgage together, go through the financial minefields of estate agent fees, stamp duty, solicitor fees and removal companies, house insurance is probably at the bottom of your list.

But you need to protect your property against damage, and in any case your mortgage lender will insist on house insurance.

Even if you are hard-strapped for cash, it can be a false economy to skip house insurance. As well as buildings and contents insurance, you will need life and critical illness cover in case you are made redundant or suffer an illness and are not able to meet your mortgage repayments.