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Restaurant cover is essential to all restaurant owners; It’s designed to protect you and your business from everything from a fire damaging your property, to a customer suing you for food poisoning or even an employee getting injured at work. All these things together with any thing else you can think about could hinder your success. In today’s litigious world it make sound commercial sense to invest in restaurant insurance, especially as you have daily contact with the public, without it you are personally exposing yourself to all manner of risks.

At T&R Direct we offer restaurant insurance to a wide variety of restaurant owners, from fully licensed restaurants, cafe’s, take-ways and fast food outlets. Our policy offers comprehensive cover at competitive prices. Why not get a quote today?

The following covers can be added to your policy:

Public liability insurance; Without doubt, the most important component of our restaurant insurance policy. If a customer get’s injured on your premises, by slipping up on a wet floor for example or suffers illness due to undercooked food – public liability insurance will cover the legal costs and any compensation payments on behalf of your restaurant.

Employers liability insurance; It’s more than likely that you employ staff to help you run your restaurant. As an ’employer’ you have a legal responsibility for the health and safety of your staff at work and by UK law must carry a minimum £5 million employers liability insurance. If an employee gets injured or falls ill at work, by working in an unhealthy environment or lifting heavy equipment for example – employers liability insurance will cover the legal costs and any compensation payments on behalf of your restaurant.

Buildings Cover; If you’ve invested part of your life savings to buy a building as opposed to leasing it, you’ll want to protect it from damages, fire, subsidence etc. Just like you do your home. Buildings cover ensures your investment doesn’t disappear in a puff of smoke if unexpected incidents happen to your property.

Contents; You’ve probably purchased lots of furniture and fittings to help deliver a perfect dining experience. Contents cover will help meet the replacement cost of these items if they are damaged by fire, flooding etc.

Stock; Running a restaurant means you’ll be carrying lots of food and beverages in stock. If they are destroyed or stolen stock cover will meet the replacement costs.

Loss of Money; Perhaps more than most, your businesses will keep a lot of cash and cheque’s on site. Loss of money cover will compensate you if a thief or employee steals money from your till.

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