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Ever had to make a claim and been left out of pocket after paying your excesses? With T&R Direct Insurance’s new and exclusive Motor Excess Protection Policy you’ll never have to worry about that again!

You can now add Motor Excess Protection to your new motor or renewal Motor Insurance policy from T&R Direct, you can add Excess Protection from as little as £11.50, giving you protection against your total excess payments. So, if you ever have to make a claim on your motor insurance policy, the policy will pay back the compulsory and voluntary excesses on your car insurance policy, providing the value of your claims excess has been exceeded/breached (up to the value of the cover level you chose).

Benefits of Excess Protection

• Protect both your compulsory and voluntary excesses
• Reduce the cost of your car insurance by increasing your voluntary excess
• Cover available from £100 to £1,000

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What’s Included What’s Excluded
The excess shown in your motor schedule Direct or indirect consequences of terrorism
Any amount of excess above the amount shown on your schedule
Any claim that is refused by your main insurance provider