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Protect the excess of your Car, Home, Caravan, Travel and even your Pet Insurance with one policy.

With not enough money to go around, we need to look after every penny we can and ensure they count.

Did you know:

• Roughly a third of motorists have enough money to cover their excess in the event of a claim.
• A large proportion of motorists don’t have funds to cover their excess of £500.
• Even less motorists have funds available to cover their excess of £200.
• Not many motorists even know what their excess actually is.
• Some people won’t even make a claim as they are unable to pay for the repairs.

With the T&R Direct Lifestyle Excess Protection plan you can be reassured of knowing that you are protected, one policy does it all, in the event of a claim you will be refunded your policy excess for any of your lifestyle policies (to the value of cover that you have selected on your policy schedule).

The premiums are highly affordable and start from as little as £11.29 per annum and a single policy will offer you peace of mind.

You could even opt for a higher policy excess on your main policy, then use the Lifestyle excess policy to cover the increase in the event of a claim. The Lifestyle policy will pay out when one of your main policies pays does, it’s that simple.

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What’s Included What’s Excluded
The excess shown in your schedule Direct or indirect consequences of terrorism
Personal cover policies such as: Home, Car, Travel and Pet Any amount of excess above the amount shown on your schedule
Any claim that is refused by your main insurance provider